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Gone Ice Fishin’

As you can imagine, a guy like me, who makes food look “pretty” and writes a food blog, is probably not known for his prowess as a fisherman.  Oh sure, my dad gave me some basics about fishing as a child.  Heck, he even took me out occasionally in the summer at our cabin in […]

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Lovoni Walker - Beautiful pics and a humorous post. Great job!

paul knickelbine - I am Dave’s brother Paul. Also a graphic designer.

I have been ice fishing with Dave multiple times. Bravo on this piece! You guys nailed it.

Great writing and beautiful photography.

(as fun as it looks, I’ll keep California dreaming however)

Annette Peterson - As always, the pictures are so awesome and the writing is spot on! Great job and thanks for sharing. I love your site!

Cathie Knickelbine - Jim & Jena, just have to say what a fun time Dave & I had hosting the big ice fishing weekend! We absolutely enjoyed everything but I especially wanted to comment on the awesome fish fry we were served. That was the best fish fry I’ve had, and the potato pancakes and the broccoli slaw were absolutely amazing! Loved reading about the trip, and the pics are truly awesome!

Mandy @ lady and pups - I think I like… hated you a little after staring uncontrollably at your breath-taking photographs. I still am, actually… can’t stop… damn it… like a moth to the flame…

I hate you. Why do you have to be so good?

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