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Bake For Good – Tenderness in the form of a tart

Tenderness can have many meanings.  Sure it can be used to describe the quality of a pastry used when making tarts, or to describe the careful way to treat someone dear to you or someone in need.  Either way, a little tenderness goes a long way.  Especially when it comes to King Arthur Flour’s “Bake […]

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laurasmess - I’ve been reading through the whole series of these Bake for Good posts and I am SO encouraged by you and the other beautiful bloggers who have joined the movement. I’ve been working on my own bake for good ‘campaign’ (I use that term loosely, I’m just referring to me baking things in my kitchen to give away) here in my hometown for a while now. Generosity and warmth in the form of baked goods goes a long way to communicate ‘love’ across cultural, socioeconomic and linguistic barriers. This beautiful rustic tart looks divine. I will definitely try your recipe… love each and every photograph too. So happy to have found your blog xx

Chris @ Shared Appetite - What a beautiful tart! I love pears and that flaky crust looks perfect! I found your blog through Erin over at The Law Student’s Wife… I’m having fun looking around at all your beautiful photos!

Anne - The pictures of the dinner rolls made my mouth water, but I couldn’t find any link to a recipe. The pictures were from the Bake-For-Good-The-First-Bite article. Any help? Many thanks for the beautiful baking!

littlerustedladle - Anne,
The recipe for the rolls was a King Arthur recipe. You can find it at the link below. Thanks for reading our blog. Pass the site on to your friends and family. Have a great day.


Thalia @ butter and brioche - This tart looks incredibly delicious.. I definitely am craving a slice to devour right now. Your photography is just incredible!

Bake For Good – The First Bite

Does anyone remember playing with dominos as a kid? Not the pizza place, or even the game, but the pieces of the game?  When I was a kid, my friends and I would make intricate designs using the rectangular tiles. Then after hours of setting them up, we’d push the first one over and watch […]

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Amanda Rettke - Beautiful post! So many lovely images and such powerful words. I feel blessed to have met you guys!

Alice Choi - Jim and Jena. . love this post! Jim, love what you wrote and so cool that you are going to teach your kids to “bake for good” and Jena. . you have a gift! Wow, such beautiful photos. . I love them all. . such a pleasure to meet you both! #BakeForGood woot woot!!

Stefani Pollack - What a lovely post! Your words are just as beautiful as the photos. Wonderful to have met you both.

Taylor Ellingson - Such a gorgeous post, you two! It was so wonderful meeting you and getting our hands dirty in the kitchen. Hope to meet again 🙂

Susan Reid - You guys were SUCH fun to cook and bake with! Thanks for letting me put you back in culinary school (figuratively :-). Here’s hoping the pebble we all put in the pond together keeps rippling, and people everywhere begin to bake it forward.

King Arthur Flour - What a wonderful summary of the weekend and of the movement! It was such a pleasure having you and Jim with us. Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Bake for Good movement!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles - Lovely post, you two! It was a pleasure to meet you both and to bake and serve with King Arthur.

Erin | The Law Student's Wife - GORGEOUS post! Your photos are taking me right back to our wonderful weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet you too. Let’s hang out in Milwaukee soon, OK? 🙂

Bruce Nimmer - Great article Jim and a really, really good idea!

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Bake For Good – Tenderness in the form of a tart | Little Rusted Ladle - […] goods to someone they think is deserving of a treat from the oven.  See our last article titled  Bake-For-Good-The-First-Bite ‎for more information.  In this second part, we will discuss and show how to make a rustic pear […]

Mary Anne Cottignies - Wonderrful ,just wonderful I know who I am baking for – woohoo! Can we find out how to get a shirt,bake for good? I love it!

Maple Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies! #bakeforgood - Cookie and Kate - […] on Instagram for inspiration. My new friends have shared their experiences, too: Amanda, Kristin, Jim and Jena, Erin, Brenda, Stef, Alice and Taylor and […]

Homemade Soup / Curry Coconut Chicken Soup | Little Rusted Ladle - […] of other very talented food bloggers/authors last year.  Be sure to check out those articles here.  It is a very worthy cause and fun for the whole family to do as well.  Anyway, Brenda’s […]

Doing Effectively By Doing Good – Sozdaj Blog - […] Day 2: Dinner service prep begins on the Household Service Middle. (For the perfect images from day 2, take a look at Little Rusted Ladle’s blog post.) […]

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