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Homemade Soup | Cioppino

Sometimes, soup needs to be experimenting with new flavors. Sometimes, I have no clue on making a certain dish because I’ve never made anything like it before, but would like to give it a go. Such is the case with our next soup this month, called cioppino. I’ve known what cioppino is for a number […]

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Patricia - Such a great recipe and mouthwatering pictures !

Aysegul - I am not big fan of shellfish either. However, with this photography I want to get a spoon and get into my computer screen, 😛
So so well done.

Thalia @ butter and brioche - Your images of these soup are just so evocative and mouthwatering delicious. I never have heard of cioppino before – and after seeing this post, it is something I must make!

linda Osborn - This was so beautifully presented..I ran right out and bought all the ingredients and made it this past weekend. It was surprisingly,not that expensive.The hot crusty bread made it exquisite! (And a wonderful winter meal for a blizzard) it wouldn’t let me rate it 5 stars, maybe cause it was 6.
Thanks Jena and Jim.

Jessie @ Straight to the Hips, Baby - This is a stunning recipe and even more beautiful set of photographs! I’ve always been too intimidated to cook shellfish at home, but goodness, I just want to grab that bowl and slurp away!

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Homemade Soup | Pork and Pumpkin Mole Chili

Mole could not be a more simplistic word to describe a Mexican sauce that is anything but simplistic.  Mole is made with over 20 ingredients.  Roasted dried chilies are simmered in a broth with other flavorful ingredients such as vegetables, sesame seeds, spices and cocoa.  The mixture is puréed and traditionally served over cooked turkey. […]

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craig john - Jim you have to try the Combination Zapotec at Jalapeño Loco (right across the street from the Milwaukee Airport) if you like a good mole.

The dish is an ancho chile stuffed with pear, nuts, raisins, and pork, topped with melted Oaxacan cheese, and served on a plate next to a tender chicken breast all in a pool of Mole Oaxaqueño.

It’s a special item; so the next time it’s on the menu, I’ll shoot you an email. I never miss it. 🙂

Katie - This looks and sounds amazing! Next time I get to the store, I’m definitely picking up a pork roast and mole sauce.

Thalia @ butter and brioche - Words cannot express how badly I am craving this hearty chili right now – it looks incredible and beautifully captured too!

Homemade Soup | Healthy Detox Vegetable

Welcome to 2015 everyone!  A new year that comes with new hopes, dreams and for many, a desire to improve their body as well.  Or at least expel some of the toxins, and bad habits we accumulated throughout 2014.  Whether it is exercise, eating better, or simply cutting back on drinking after a holiday filled […]

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Kristin Arnett - Thanks for sharing I would love to help people with their health goals! ( misspelling/ correction)Kristin Arnett; Facebook: Kristinskitchenholistickitchen Website:

Steph - Your photos and styling are just stunning to say the least! I whole heartily agree with all that you said! Time to detox : D

Sridevi - Great soup to detox! Love the photos! All those veggies pop out giving a 3D effect! Looks rich and delicious!

Cami Moody - Do you have an optional recipe for those of us without a pressure cooker?

Sugar et al. - These photos are gorgeous! It is summer here and I am craving this soup. Seriously!

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caroline - Hi,
Question about the garlic. I noticed it’s on twice and wondered if it means that you’re putting 3 whole cloves of garlic in the soup in addition to 1 TBSP of chopped garlic.

At this very moment i’m making the soup so i’m risking it with putting in 3 whole + 1 TBSP of chopped 🙂

I’m sure we’ll enjoy it either way but just wanted to ask to be sure

Thanks!!! 🙂

trying to make this without a pressure cooker@Cami, i’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m just cooking it on the stove and waiting for all the squash and sweet potatoes to soften

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