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Calendar Photo Shoot for Kerry

In the three years since Jena and I have been doing LRL, we have been fortunate enough to have other businesses so happy with our blog photography, that they hire us to do the same for them. Companies like Fromm Family Foods, Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough, The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and Harvest Mill Grain […]

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Raschell | - These photos are stunning. Congratulations!

Lori - This is such an excellent post. Thanks so much for sharing. Such beautiful work! There looks to be motion in the grapefruit juice as you captured the shot. How did you all accomplish that?

littlerustedladle - Thank you so much Lori! We used an eyedropper tool about the same hight as the lens and dropped it in as I took some captures.

littlerustedladle - Thank you Raschell!

Lovoni Walker - Such a great post you two. Love the shots. May was a particular favourite for obvious reasons. Cheers! Nice job!

littlerustedladle - Thanks Lovoni.

Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein - Breathtaking!

Giveaway Mockmill – Parsnip Pumpkin Seed Bread Recipe

Parsnips are so great that we decided to do another article about them. That and maybe we’re feeling a little guilty that we haven’t been posting recently. Also, we have this really cool gadget that we are giving away. Since you have probably already looked at the photos(I would too), I guess I can discuss […]

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Emilie @ The Clever Carrot - What a gorgeous recipe (and beautiful photos, too!). I love the flavor of gingery parsnips and I can almost smell the aroma of this skillet bread from here 😉 Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway. I would use this mill to grind grain into flour for my homemade sourdough… xx

Margaret - Hi – I cannot find where to enter! Thanks – great post!

littlerustedladle - Hi Margaret, The entry form is at the bottom of the post. It did disappear though so that you for letting us know! Thank you for entering. Good luck

Josh Lippman - Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. I commented before but it seems to have disappeared. I would use this mill grain to make some whole wheat challah bread

Sugar et al. - Wow! Such stunning photos. And a great way of using parsnips in a recipe.I’d so love to give this a try.

Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein - What lens did you use for the first one : Extreme closeup one.

Parsnip & Parsley Root Bisque with White Truffle Oil

Every once in awhile as a foodie, you have one of those “aha” moments. These can also be called “oh my god am I stupid” moments, but it doesn’t sound as good, so aha moments they are. Well, recently, I had an aha moment when I was buying parsnips at the grocery store for our […]

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Lovoni Walker - I loved this post. No offence to anyone, but for some reason Americans love to cut the root off all herbs…cila tro is the one the kills me as that’s the best part, especially for my curry paste but impossible to find here. Gorgeous shots & great narrative as always.

Dione White - So beautiful you guys! I had no idea about the parsley roots either. But I have a bunch of parsnips from the garden that were waiting for this recipe : )

Colleen Johnson - Glad you had that “aha” moment! 🙂 You guys rock!

Maren Epstein - This soup sounds great! Do you think it would work with coconut milk instead?

Delicious Bisque Recipes – Craft Collector - […] 8. Parsnip and Parsley Root Bisque : The Rusted Ladle […]

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