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Ancient Grains – Heavy Metal Detox Oatmeal Smoothie

With a title like heavy metal oatmeal smoothie, you’re probably expecting an article that discusses either a smoothie made from oatmeal and heavy metal, or one you would drink while listening to Metallica or Megadeath.  I have been known to turn the volume up to eleven while listening to many metal songs in my car, but this article […]

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marcie - I grew up when lead was in everything, too, and I’ve been known to crank up the music when Metallica and Megadeth come on. 🙂 This smoothie sounds fantastic and I love all of the greens and oats!

Katrina - Looove all the good stuff in this smoothie! It sounds wonderful!

Eleni paipeti - I will try that

Kimberly - “Leftover oatmeal”… does that mean the oatmeal has to be cooked first? This sounds amazing but I’d like to make it the correct way.

Ancient Grains | Healthy Bites

Finding a healthy snack to keep you going during the day can sometimes be difficult. You can only eat so many almonds before you start feeling more like a squirrel than a person. What about dark chocolate you say? Oh sure, pounding down one or two dark chocolate peanut butter cups is pretty awesome. Right […]

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Megan - These look amazing and are the perfect size. I usually feel more squirrel than human when eating really nutty bars so I love the balance.

Ancient Grains | Buckwheat Breakfest Soufflés

It’s week two of ancient grains month, and for this week we are showing a few examples on how to use that leftover ancient grain meal you made last time. In case you forgot, we discussed how easy it was to add some basic ingredients to a slow cooker before you go to bed and […]

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Lilia - Hi Guys,
this is a lovely idea to turn the buckwheat groats into souffles. They look gorgeous. The shots are beautiful, as always.
In my country, where buckwheat is quite common, we eat it for dinner with some deliciuos beef stew. The leftovers are used as a stuffing for pierogies. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Guess I will be making the pierogies soon. Xoxo, Lilia

Ancient Grains – Crockpot Quinoameal Recipe

Ancient grains have been around a long time. I’m sorry, but that’s funny; of course they’ve been around a long time. You don’t get the title,“ancient grains,” unless you’ve been around a few hundred millennia. Those words have been showing up a lot lately. It’s kind of the new “all natural.”  Food companies are throwing […]

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Bethany @ Athletic Avocado - This quinoameal looks delicious and the pictures are beautiful! I need to make this in place of my oatmeal asap!

Sugar et al. - These stunning close-up photos can make anyone fall in love with quinoa!

Summer - This looks so good! Delish ♥

Summer - Your photography is amazing! And this really looks yummy ♥

Pang - Stunning photos 🙂 They make me want to make this breakfast the next morning.

Aisha - I’m confused. This looks fantastic, but you said in beginning that it takes about 7 hours to cook, then in your instructions to cook it on high for one hour, then in the recipe itself you said to cook for 7 hours. To which are you referring in each instruction? I would love to make the quinoa overnight but if that would be too long I don’t want to try that.
Thanks in advance, and I’ll be following your blog after seeing this.

Aisha - Sorry for a second comment, I couldn’t figure out how to receive the emails for new posts except by leaving a comment and since I didn’t click that button the first time, I had to leave another comment. Lol.

Ani {@afotogirl} - This looks delicious. I often make quinoa porridge for breakfast because it cooks up so fast. Just a quick FYI, though, that the Incas were from what is today, Peru. Quinoa hails from South America, not Asia (India).

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