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The Magic of Mangoes – Champagne Mango Mint Smoothie/Cocktail

It’s that time of the year again.  No, I’m not talking about the crazy love hungry birds chirping like crazy first thing in the morning, which now comes earlier thanks to that big glowing orb in the sky rising earlier every day.  I’m talking about champagne mango season.  With tulips blooming and the trees getting […]

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Mango Smoothies | StyleMyDay - […] Recipe: Champagne, mango, mint smoothie […]

Ultimate Jalapeño Waffle Sandwich Recipe

  Sometimes what’s old is actually new.  I realized this recently, when I needed to find an old waffle maker for a photo shoot.  The shot needed was a packaging shot for a sausage company.  The layouts required square waffles shown in the back of a plate.  Sounds easy enough right?  Well, the next time […]

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Amanda - Gorgeous, as usual. Love that square waffle iron and your determination in getting it!

Lovoni - SHUT UP!!! Are you kidding me!!! I knew I should not have looked. I just finished my cucumber, carrots and hummus and now I want a jalapeno waffle and I want you to make it for me please. Looks fabulous!

Megan @ Meg is Well - I have one of those old thin waffle makers and I’m usually jealous of the big round Belgium ones but not now. This is my dream breakfast!

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