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Homemade Marshmallows – Fluffy, Sweet and So Easy

As kids, we sometimes forget that many of the foods that our parents buy at the store started out as a homemade recipe. Marshmallows are one of those foods. I don’t ever remember my mom making homemade marshmallows. Why would she? After all, you could buy them already made! How simple, right? Except for one […]

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Julia @ HappyFoods Tube - And there I was thinking that making homemade marshmallows is difficult!:) It’s hard to get plain white marshmallows here so this recipe is quite handy!

Watercolor And Marble Cookie Decorating With A Toddler | Little Rusted Ladle - […] 8 ounces marshmallows (4 cups not packed) (make your own) […]

Our Best Ever Fall Recipes!

The flavors of fall sing like the most talented choir. Nothing beats the anticipation of knowing that very soon we will be delving into all the incredible ingredients that mother nature provides for us this time of year. Ingredients that transform into delicious recipes. Fall recipes are searched more than any other season for a […]

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Katie - Yay! I’m so looking forward to your cookbook. You two are so inspired, I’m sure it will be a delicious book for the taste buds and the eyes!

Baklava | Mother’s Recipe

Earlier this week, Jim wrote a wonderful tribute to his mother with her strawberry pie recipe.  Today I am sharing a recipe of my mother’s, baklava. I have sweet memories of cooking this dessert with my mom.  After making it by myself for the first time I can see why she needed the extra set […]

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Lynn | The Road to Honey - What a wonderful story about your mother. She sounds like truly a special lady and I am sure she would be proud to see you making this treasured recipe. It looks absolutely divine and I am certain my Persian hubby would love a few of these.

Amy - You said in the first paragraph that you are going to share the recipe for the baklava? I am not seeing it on the bottom like your normal posts?

It looks SO good! And thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your mom!

Co - I tasted baklava for the first time while in Miami last year. Had no idea how good it is. Thanks for sharing your special memories. Mother’s Day can be pretty tough for those of us who no longer have our mom. But I’m sure your mom appreciates your love for the baklava and she’ll be right there with you every attempt you make at her recipe.

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