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Homemade Marshmallows – Fluffy, Sweet and So Easy

As kids, we sometimes forget that many of the foods that our parents buy at the store started out as a homemade recipe. Marshmallows are one of those foods. I don’t ever remember my mom making homemade marshmallows. Why would she? After all, you could buy them already made! How simple, right? Except for one […]

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Julia @ HappyFoods Tube - And there I was thinking that making homemade marshmallows is difficult!:) It’s hard to get plain white marshmallows here so this recipe is quite handy!

Watercolor And Marble Cookie Decorating With A Toddler | Little Rusted Ladle - […] 8 ounces marshmallows (4 cups not packed) (make your own) […]

Getting Crafty with Hot Cocoa – Peppermint Mocha Recipe

Jena and I recently worked on a project that showed how to host a hot cocoa party complete with a build your own hot cocoa bar. I know, sounds fun, right? While developing cocoa powder recipes, and researching what others consider the “best hot cocoa recipe”, I realized that there were a few common concepts […]

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Julia @ HappyFoods Tube - Wow! Now these hot chocolate cups look amazing! What a great idea this is and I don’t mind it being time-consuming because they look perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

littlerustedladle - Thanks Julia, send us photos of your creations. We love to see creativity at work.

Esther - What amazing creativity and beautiful images.

Baklava | Mother’s Recipe

Earlier this week, Jim wrote a wonderful tribute to his mother with her strawberry pie recipe.  Today I am sharing a recipe of my mother’s, baklava. I have sweet memories of cooking this dessert with my mom.  After making it by myself for the first time I can see why she needed the extra set […]

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Lynn | The Road to Honey - What a wonderful story about your mother. She sounds like truly a special lady and I am sure she would be proud to see you making this treasured recipe. It looks absolutely divine and I am certain my Persian hubby would love a few of these.

Amy - You said in the first paragraph that you are going to share the recipe for the baklava? I am not seeing it on the bottom like your normal posts?

It looks SO good! And thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your mom!

Co - I tasted baklava for the first time while in Miami last year. Had no idea how good it is. Thanks for sharing your special memories. Mother’s Day can be pretty tough for those of us who no longer have our mom. But I’m sure your mom appreciates your love for the baklava and she’ll be right there with you every attempt you make at her recipe.

Fresh Strawberry Pie – A Tribute to Mom

If you look up the definition of Mother in Webster’s Dictionary, you simply get “female parent”.  However, anyone who grew up with a caring and wonderful mother as Jena and I both did, would think that definition is ridiculous.  Our mothers were so much more than that.  So much so, that as a tribute to them […]

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Judi Gnas - Simply beautiful in so many ways. A wonderful tribute to your Mom.

Megan @Meg is Well - I got teary eyed towards the end-such a lovely way to offer a tribute to your mom. Thanks for sharing!

Baklava | Mother’s Recipe | Little Rusted Ladle - […] this Week Jim wrote a wonderful tribute to his mother with her strawberry pie recipe.  Today I am sharing a recipe of my Mother’s, […]

Cindy Wichgers Hayes - Beautiful Tribute…❤️👍🙌🌹

Thalia @ butter and brioche - What a beautiful tribute! Love photos too, I can’t get enough of them. Xx

Co - Beautiful photos, as always, and what a loving tribute to a wonderful woman whom you were fortunate to have as your mother. Those are special memories you will have in your heart forever, right where she wanted them, as did all those special moms who have gone before us.❤️XOXO

Claudia | The Brick Kitchen - Such a lovely post, and a wonderful tribute to your Mom – it sounds like she was an incredible woman. Thank you for sharing your experience with us xx

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