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DIY Marble and Concrete Easter Egg Craft

                Here we go!  I have been thinking A LOT about our Easter decor this year.  I am so excited to share with you what we came up with… Clay-marble and concrete Easter eggs! You will need: Plastic eggs for molds Concrete mix Grey paint Oven-bake clay (white, grey […]

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Lori - You come up with the most brilliant ideas! These are gorgeous!

Pang - What a fantastic idea!!! Those eggs are beautiful. 🙂

DIY Marble Bird Place Card Holder & Easter Decor | Little Rusted Ladle - […] make these beautiful, easy-to-create birds, we tied-in our previous post of Concrete-Marble Easter Eggs made using the same clay […]

Black & White Appetizers | Vanilla Custard with Blackberries

Vanilla is one of those ingredients that is considered an aphrodisiac.  Maybe that is why it is used in so many different products.  Can you imagine a cake or cookie without vanilla?  How about sodas, flavored coffees, or ice cream?  Vanilla is also used in perfumes and to help remedy impotence in men.  Vanilla also […]

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Thalia @ butter and brioche - I just love how simple and delicious these vanilla custards are! Can’t think of a better dessert to make tonight… thanks for the idea!

Debby Enblom Wolvos - Your images are so beautiful. Food images are so difficult to do in black & white. Gorgeous!

Ruby - I just love this! It is so sassy, sophisticated and looks delicious, definitely going on my list!

Don Fleming - Really enjoy your style with black and white!

True Blue : Natural Easter Egg Dyeing

It has been a little over a year since Jim and I have started Little Rusted Ladle so I thought it might be time to give him a break on the writing end. I am not much for developing recipes worthy enough for our viewers, but I can come up with a unique way to […]

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linda osborn - As always you have given us something beautiful to look at and think about.The photography and compositions are exquisite. I look forward to your next inspiration. And thanks for reinforcing our belief that spring might really be here.

littlerustedladle - Thank you for the wonderful complement Linda!

Kelly Neil - This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I just want to sit at that table and soak up all of the lovely shades of blue. Bravo!!!

Jeanne @JollyTomato - Stunningly gorgeous! I think I’m inspired to go all-blue this Easter!

cynthia @ - I adore every bit of this! I love that the dye is cabbage-based, the colors are so much more beautiful and natural. and the photography is superb 🙂
wonderful table styling…I could go on and on! thanks for sharing your stunning project with us

Natural Blue Dye for Easter Eggs | Simply Sophisticated Cooking - […] around Foodgawker the other day, I came across a blog from the Rusted Ladle that made and used a natural dye for Easter eggs. I was immediately in love because they had […]

Jean Stroup Miller - How long will the colorant last in the fridge? Can it be made in advance?

Morel Mushrooms – Nature’s Easter Egg Hunt

Every Spring, the time honored tradition of hunting for tasty treasures in the woods happens right around the time lilac bushes start blooming, dandelions start budding and the nighttime temps climb over 50 degrees. No, I’m not talking about an Easter egg hunt. I’m talking about hunting for one of the most elusive edible mushrooms […]

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marta - Keep up the very good work.

littlerustedladle - Thank you, Marta!

Kelly - Talk of the House - To find those is a true labor of love! Your photography is beyond gorgeous. Thank you for finding my blog..which led me to your beautiful place here.
Have a happy 4th of July!

Infused Booze II, Return of the Cocktail | Little Rusted Ladle - […] it up a little, we brought back a couple heroes from our previous articles on flavored bacon and morel mushrooms.  The jalapeno bacon is a great garnish for the shot size glass of bloody mary.  To make it extra […]

Korean Beef Hand Pies | Little Rusted Ladle - […] asparagus, fresh morel mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese.  See the article we did two years ago on morel mushrooms as an option for the filling.  Some pulled pork and jerk seasoning, seafood or perhaps some fresh […]

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