Flavored Bacon

Welcome to our first post. Personally, I think it’s easy to make food and talk about it.  Everyone loves food.  Well, almost everyone.  Personally, I don’t think vegans love food that much.  I mean come on, no cheese, dairy, meat of any kind?  Hell, coming from the land of brats and fried cheese, that concept borders on insane.  After all, how can anyone expect us Wisconsinites to put on that winter coat (excess fat) without some good old-fashioned animal fat to keep us warm during the winter months?  Which brings me to the topic of our first blog.  BACON, BACON, BACON!

According to those people “in the know”, bacon as a hot food trend is on the decline.  Reeeaally?  I didn’t get the memo.  I don’t know who “those people” are, but they clearly don’t know their head from their rump roast.  Bacon is always “IN” So you don’t like bacon?  No problem.  Just don’t complain when I don’t invite you to my next baconpalooza party.  With that said, let’s talk about bacon inspiration.

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Dolores Jacq (Dee Dee) - This blog is exquisite. Keep inspiring:)

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Janay Brown - I make my flavored bacon in the oven and I don’t see how the fat takes over the flavor. It soaks it in very well. VERY WELL, although, I do wish it was more crispier. I loved this, absolutley amazing!

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